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Montana Sovereign    



County Commissioners:

The Council meets in public session generally four times per month. The first and third weeks are regular meetings while the 2nd and 4th are Committee of the Whole meetings. In addition, there are 6 standing committees which meet at various times during each month.


The Council's function is to determine policy for the local government. Specific activities includes: adopting ordinances and resolutions; levy taxes and fees, appropriations, approve contracts, etc.


Council meetings are held in the Courthouse, Room 312 and open to the public.


School Board Meetings:


Butte— Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. at the School Administration building





 County Land Ownership


 Urban Growth Policy


 County Wide Growth Policy


 Voting Precincts


 Commissioner Districts Map



Silver Bow County

155 West Granite Street

Butte, MT 59701
(406) 497-6200        


Commissioners (6 yr):

  Dist 1  Mark Moodry              20xx

  Dist 2  Sheryl Ralph               20xx

  Dist 3  John Morgan              20xx

  Dist 4  John Sorich                 20xx

  Dist 5  Dennis Henderson     20xx

  Dist 6  Jim Fisher                   20xx

  Dist 7  Bud Walker                 20xx

  Dist 8 Brendan McDonough 20xx

  Dist 9  Dan Foley                     20xx

  Dist 10  Bill Andersen             20xx

  Dist 11  Cindi Shaw (Chair)    20xx

  Dist 12  Dave Palmer               20xx


Clerk and Recorder 4 yr:

   Sally Hollis                              20xx

County Sheriff  4 yr:

   Ed Lester                                 20xx


County Attorney 4 yr:

   Eileen Joyce                            20xx


Treasurer  4 yr:

    Pat Callahan                           20xx


District Court Judge 6 yr:

   2nd District Court

1 Kurt Krueger                   20xx

2 Brad Newman                 20xx


Clerk of District Court 4 yr:

   Lori Maloney                    20xx


County Coroner 4 yr:

   Lee LaBreche                      20xx


Justice Court Judge 4 yr:

   Ben Pezdark                       20xx

   Debra Darragh Williams  20xx


Clerk of the Court:

   Lori Maloney




Public Administrator:

   Jean Joki Tanner            20xx



   Joe Sesso—Director


Superintendent of Schools:

   Cathy Maloney               20xx

Silver Bow Co Sheriff’s Dept

225 Alaska St

Butte, MT 59701



   Ed Lester
   (406) 497-1120

STATE HOUSE (2 yr term)

HD 73   Pat Noonan—D               2014

HD 74   Ryan Lynch—D               2014

HD 75   Edie McClafferty—D      2014

HD 76   Amanda Curtis—D         2014

STATE SENATE (4 yr term)

SD 37   John Sesso—D                20xx

SD 38   Jim Keane—D                 20xx


Butte District #1

Ramsay District #3

Divide District #4

Melrose Distict #5