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is alive and well in Montana

There are literally thousands of Agenda 21 projects going on in Montana, starting with Missoula, Bozeman and Helena, all partners with ICLEI, a United Nations organization created specifically to help advance this insidious program through local environmental initiatives.

But other towns and cities throughout Montana are also getting into the act.  Billings has its Complete Streets project, Polson has partnered with the Orton Family Foundation for a Heart and Soul project, and Big Timber has had nothing but headaches with their Dormix Park Land Use Plan. 

The Trojan horse used to bring these projects to our small communities is grant money from government as well as private groups and foundations.  NGO’s or Non Governmental Agencies, which consist mainly of environmental groups are partnered with these projects as well.

It would be virtually impossible to cover every Agenda 21 related project in the state, so instead our goal is to give you a basic overview of what Agenda 21 is, and cover the major projects that serve to destroy our private property rights, by nudging us through zoning and land use restrictions and “NICE” sounding programs, that most people willingly support without understanding the agenda behind it.

We ask that you do your own homework.  The information we provide here is just the tip of the iceberg and is readily available if you choose to look for it.

If you have specific projects you’d like to see added to these pages, email us at montanasovereign@gmail.com or call us at 406-626-3007

We are also looking for feedback concerning what is being done to stop these projects from being implemented, such as public information etc.

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Contact us with your comments and feedback, or if you’d like to help us keep track of the Agenda 21 projects going on in your area of Montana.

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Open Letter to Friends and Neighbors,

You may be reading all the news and letters to the editor in our local newspapers spurred by the city of Polson’s recent decision to partner with the Orton Family Foundation for a grant secured by the Polson Greater Community Foundation. 

In recent weeks, We’ve been contacting people throughout the state of Montana whose small towns and communities are also being enticed with “free money”.  These grants come in a variety of sizes, for community improvement projects such as parks, low income housing, transportation, or community development, and typically are funded by the federal government, our state, or even private foundations.   

Many folks are very concerned about battles currently being waged for their water rights as well as the fact they’ve been regulated to the point that their towns are dying, especially in Eastern Montana.  Many believe that the regulations and restrictions being pushed at this time are designed to keep Montanans from accessing the Bakken oil fields.  It’s quite possible that the recent “bison” project in Eastern Montana will ultimately result in a national monument signed by executive order that will cover 3 million acres of Montana land that sits over this valuable natural resource.

 In Helena, they are currently advertising the need for a new “buffer zone” around Glacier park, which will serve only to increase federal ownership of Montana land and resources.

 Additionally, some towns accepted grant money and have completed their projects, and are only now finding they do not have the funds to “comply” with their end of the bargain (those pesky strings).  They are now dealing with either the strong arm of the federal government pushing them hard, or well-funded environmental groups with a huge pool of legal resources that are making their lives miserable.

 The honest truth is that our small towns in Montana are struggling to make ends meet.  So are many Montanans.  Many folks have had to leave Montana and head to North Dakota or Wyoming just to be able to support their families.  In this economic climate, It’s very difficult to turn down federal or private “grant monies” when costs seem to be steadily increasing.  This makes our officials and civic minded groups vulnerable to accepting money for much needed projects without understanding that many of these grants have strings attached that ultimately will destroy our private property rights and the American way of life as we know it. 

Please watch the 40 minute video above that was developed to give people a basic understanding of this very important issue.   We know many of you are very busy, and might think you don’t have the time to watch it, but consider this:  Is it worth  40 minutes of your time to see what your fellow Montanans throughout the state are dealing with on a daily basis and are very concerned about?

 We respectfully ask that you make the time to learn about this issue before you see more local roads re-routed, hurting our local businesses and  making it just a “little” more difficult to live in rural Montana; gas prices so high you must cut back on your activities or business services; or your water rights restricted, limiting the ability to use your land as you choose to use it; all because of someone else’s vision of how you should use YOUR LAND.

Please review the video and share it with others.  Get the word out on this before we all wake up one morning and wonder what happened to our property rights and our freedom.