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Our goal is to provide information about:
the monetary relationships of Montana’s “representatives”, their insider trading activities,  if any, and their financial disclosure information.
Sources of campaign funds
How wealthy businessmen like George Soros, or Warren Buffet, who has been “begging” for his taxes to be raised, have become even wealthier though their political influence.
Ever wonder who’s behind the political ads on TV telling you to contact your representatives on certain issues?  We also will be looking into who these groups are and what their “special interest is in the issues they advertise about.
Looking at the funding sources of some of our in-state groups to determine how they are connected to out of state interests.
Federal funding seems to hold our states hostage to the political whims of the elite in Washington as well as unconstitutional legislation.   This page will explain this relationship and what can be done about it.
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Spending Taxpayer Money:

           Montana Pork Report

Campaign Finance and Disclosure Resources:

           Montana Commissioner on Political Practices

 National Institute on Money in State Politics (

           Roll Call:   50 Richest Members of Congress


For disclosure statements and other information for Montana representatives (Federal), check out the following links:

             Open Secrets

            Federal Election Commission

          Influence Explorer


Why has the wealth of many of our “representatives” gone up in the recession, while housing values have gone down and the value of the dollar has dramatically decreased?  Has your wealth gone up measurably in the past 3 years?  This page is dedicated to following the money, so we can all understand just how corrupt the system is, and why it takes just a few short months to co-opt new representatives with the best of intentions into the “political machine”.

Campaign Contributions

It is said that president Obama will spend $1 Billion on his 2012 campaign.  How could this be possible?  Does this mean only those with very deep pockets can  expect to run for office and win?

Why would Brian Schweitzer, Jon Tester, Max Baucus, or any other Montana representative go to San Francisco or another state for a campaign fundraiser?  Just because it’s allowed by law, or by the agencies that establish  guidelines, doesn’t make it right.

News stories frequently state that the bulk of campaign money for our representatives comes from sources outside the state of Montana.  Why? 

It’s easy to see that by allowing our representatives to receive money from these special interest groups and lobbyists,  the power is shifted away from the people and toward those with the most money. 

Insider Trading by Congress

CBS’s 60 Minutes recently did a story about insider trading by politicians, who are  “exempt” from the same laws as ordinary citizens.

Did you know that during the economic crisis in 2008 that many of the politicians, with the knowledge and foresight that the stock market was going to make a nosedive, made tens of thousands of dollars betting that it would go down? 

The use of insider information such as this is used to buy and sell our representative’s votes.  It is also used by our corrupt congress to intimidate and control their opposition.

Think about it.  These folks know what legislation they are going to enact, the industry and businesses it will impact, and in their capacity as “leaders”, they are entrusted with “confidential” information that they consciously choose to use to their advantage.

Peter Schweitzer, author of a new book, THROW THEM ALL OUT, has done extensive research on this issue. 

In a recent interview, he noted a study by the Journal of Quantitative Economics that examined 6,000 stock trades.

“They found that corporate insiders — that is corporate executives trading their own company stock — beat the stock market average by 5 percent a year,” while professional Hedge Funds traders were successful 8 percent of the time and U.S. senators topped them all with a 12 percent success rate.

“So either these guys are far more brilliant and insightful than we’ve ever given them credit for, or something else is going on,” he says. “And I would rather believe something else is going on. And I think the evidence that I present in the book is pretty compelling.”

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